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Why Should I Buy an Electric Car?

There are many reasons to buy an electric car.

In today’s advancing times, we must equip ourselves to the latest and the best. Electric cars are a manifestation of such changing times. In order to reap the benefits of the technological advances, we must inculcate within ourselves the power to change and adapt. Electric cars are best alternative to the traditional vehicles. Such cars are meant to keep our Earth healthy. Electric cars are also fairly easy to operate compared to its other ICE counterparts. They seem costly at the face value, but their operating costs are fairly low compared to traditional cars.  .

What are Advantages of Electric Cars?

Electric cars come equipped with a plethora of advantages. They are easy to operate and their functioning is based on the fast-paced society they were introduced to serve. These cars have the highest ‘fuel’ efficiency even when they do not operate on fuel. A full charge of electric vehicles can last on an average up-to an entire month. Electric car owners’ need not worry about fluctuating fuel prices or queues at gas stations. Simply charge your vehicle at home or at work and speed-past your way through the traffic. Electric cars also fulfill your moral obligations towards the society by not harming the environment around you.

Are Electric Vehicles Efficient?

Electric cars are considered to be the most efficient of all. There is little to no difference in the fuel that they use, as they run solely on battery which is charged from normal electric supplies. These cars have a universal efficiency and are only a one time investment. Once charged sufficiently, electric cars on an average last for about five to six days. They are simple and easy to charge too. With portable chargers now available, one can charge his vehicle at any corner of the street without having to worry about running out of fuel.

What’s The Electric Vehicle Driving Experience Like?

Driving cars never felt smoother. Electric cars have been unanimously labeled as the most efficient cars and also as the best experienced drives. With no fuel consumption, the drive is as smooth as a warm knife on butter. Most of these cars come with automatic transmission and thus make the drive even simpler. Also, the cabin noise is totally cancelled out while driving an electric vehicle. This makes the music sound better and the conversations mean more. Electric cars come equipped with all the safety precautions like airbags and seat belt making the drive feel safer.

Is Electric Car an Option for Me?

Since their launch, electric cars have appealed to people from all walks of life. Youngsters seem to love the smooth gear shifts and music quality owing to little to no cabin noise. Others love the smooth driving experience and state of art interiors. Electric cars are a paradigm shift when we talk about the features. All existing high-end features are sure to be found in an electric vehicle making them popular among all circles of society. These cars are also easier to drive when compared to their rival fuel-based drives because most of them come with automatic transmission and reverse cameras.

Are Electric Cars Safe Than Gas Powered Cars?

When compared to fuel-based or gas-powered cars, electric cars appear to be much more safer. There is no risk of getting an electric car up into flames because the inflammatory fuel intake is an absolute zero. Electric cars run on battery and the distribution is such that the battery doesn’t overheat. Different companies come up with different mechanisms to deal with this but overheating doesn’t takes place. Also, unlike phone batteries, electric car batteries can’t be overcharged. There is a power cut available in most electric vehicles making overcharging impossible.

What is the Future of Electric Car?

When people speak about electric cars and say that the future of the automobile industry is here, they are never mistaken. Electric cars have taken the industry by storm and are in no mood to lessen their pace. People today can see before them the deteriorating level of the environment and electric cars can become solution to many such issues. The day is not far when streets will only see electric cars because governments across the globe are trying their best to limit the number of petrol and diesel based cars. The goal is to reduce consumption of oil.

How Fast My Electric Car/Bike Go?

A common question when these cars were launched was that how fast will they be able to go. With car and bike enthusiasts also being the customers of electric cars, speed was always a concern for these environment friendly vehicles. Today, an average electric car can speed up-to 250 km/h and Tesla has to be the fastest runner with a top speed of nearly 550 km/h. An average electric bike has the top-speed of about 150 km/h and the fastest has to be the Lightning LS-218 Super bike which can glide at 316 km/h.

What Kind of Electric Vehicles Available in Market?

With electric vehicles taking over the entire automobile industry by surprise, they are made available in various forms to fit every one’s pocket and tastes. The traditional Hybrid vehicle was the first to be launched. It does not need any charging but is charged when the vehicle itself is in motion. Second is the Plug-in Hybrid vehicle, which is charged by plugging it into a power station. They also operate by charging while in motion but can cover short distances only in such a mode. Third is the Battery electric vehicle, which run entirely on battery and need to be charged from time to time like our mobile phones. Last is the Fuel Cell electric vehicle. This kind of electric vehicle runs on an electric motor which gets fuel in the form of a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen.

Go Green

Go Green

Do Electric Cars Cause More Pollution Than Gas Powered Vehicles?

Frankly speaking, there is no straight forward answer to this question. There are many dimensions to this issue. Car pollution can be classified as direct pollution and indirect pollution. Electric cars definitely excel over ICE cars when it comes to direct pollution. Electric cars do not have any tail pipe emission so no poisonous gases are released in air.

For indirect pollution we need to consider two aspects – Composition of electric car batteries and Fuel used for charging electric car batteries. Many chemical compositions are used for creating EV batteries. When battery life ends, there are chances that battery won’t be recycled and these harmful chemicals will be released to atmosphere which can cause water and land pollution. Imagine what will happen if millions of such batteries will end their lives and won’t get recycled. There are efforts being made by researchers for creating recycling or reuse methods for these batteries. Let’s hope that there will be major breakthrough in near future.

Other aspect is fuel used to charge batteries. If clean energy like solar and wind power is used then it will result in zero pollution. But if traditional fuels like coal are used for battery charging then it is going to add to the pollution.

To take full advantage of EVs we must shift to clean energy and Eco friendly battery compositions.

What is Carbon Footprint of Electric Vehicle?

It is a known fact that the manufacturing of electric vehicles emits more carbon gases than the manufacturing of a typical, fuel-based vehicle. However, such usual gas-powered vehicles emit harmful carbon gases throughout their life. Electric vehicles on the other hand, once on the streets emit close to zero carbon gases. Thus, in the long run, electric vehicles are much more suitable than conventional cars in the emission of carbon gases. This makes the carbon footprint of electric vehicles fairly lower than conventional cars. Such conclusions can be backed by proper researches and studies only after a few years of using electric vehicles on a large scale but current predictions speak in favor of electric vehicles.

Electric Cars are Charged by Electricity Generated by Coal. Then How They Reduce Pollution?

Many countries produce electricity through coal as this was the first and most widely used technique to make electricity. However, making of electricity today does not depend entirely on coal. With few countries still using coal as the only source to produce electricity, such is not the case in the advanced nations. Electricity today is made by tidal, solar as well as wind energy. Electricity produced through such green energies do not lead to pollution when used to charge electric vehicles. Coal lost its importance as the sole electricity maker with the betterment in electricity producing techniques considerable years ago.


Electric Car Savings

Why Are Electric Cars Expensive?

Electric cars are new and so does electric car batteries. Any new technology is always expensive. Remember cell phones during their initial days? Only rich could afford them. Now? almost everyone can afford them. Same id true for Electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles are going through huge transition. Future oil crisis has triggered global growing market of electric vehicles. Automobile companies are doing huge investments in EVs and specifically batteries. As technology will go on improving, energy density and performance of EV batteries will significantly improve. Research firms are predicting that Lithium-Ion battery prices will drop to around $ 75/kWh by 2030. This will significantly reduce electric car prices.

What is Financial Benefit of Using an Electric Car Instead of a Gas-Powered Vehicle in Long Run?

Electric cars are more expensive than gas-powered cars on the first day. This surplus in cost is short-lived. Gas-powered cars need fuel in abundance to run on the streets, whereas, electric cars only need an electric supply. In the long run, with forever increasing fuel prices, electric cars are sure to be more beneficial because electricity will see close to zero change in its cost. Also, the owner of an electric car will never need to worry about the everyday fluctuating prices of fuel and its related products.

Batteries & Charging


What Kind Of Battery is Used in Electric Car?

Rechargeable batteries are used in all the types of electric cars. All the electric cars like Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid, Battery Electric and Fuel Cell Electric operate solely on batteries. These batteries are charged whenever the battery gets low to work as a fuel for the car. Out of the plethora of batteries available, Lithium-Ion can be seen in most of the cars. This is the same battery found in the smart phones. These are very safe in dealing with the heat created inside the engines. Nickel-Metal Hydride and Lead-Acid batteries are two other popular ones used. Different types of batteries are used by different manufacturers and they all roughly work the same with some differences.

Check this detailed post related to evolution of electric vehicle battery technology.

Where Can I Recharge My Electric Car?

You can charge your Electric cars at home, at office and at public charging stations. At home you can either use your normal electric supply used for household. But in this way, charging is too slow and you will have to charge your EV overnight. If you want faster charging, you should buy an ‘Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment’, commonly known as EVSE. There many types of EVSEs based on their capacity of charging.

You can also charge your EV at your work space or office if the charging facility is provided by the facility management. These chargers are generally faster compared to home chargers.

Just like gas stations, public chargers are also available where you can charge your EV. Many of the stations also contain fast chargers which charge your car in an hour or even in less time. So far Tesla has managed to build super chargers which charge Tesla cars in few minutes. But there are other public charging networks which are providing good charging facilities.

Hope these questions have answered some of your doubts. Consumers have lot of doubts regarding electric vehicles. For wide adoption of EVs, it is very important that all doubts of potential EV buyer are clarified.

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