Mahindra to Launch e-KUV 100 in 2019, India’s First Electric SUV

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Every prominent Indian auto manufacturer is gearing up for launching electric vehicles in India. This is because electric cars is the future of Indian auto industry. Auto makers are heading towards that future but slowly. They are making sure that no stone is upturned before making a full fledged entry into EV market. There are many reasons for this wait and watch approach from manufacturers. Some of the main reasons are high electric car battery prices, lack of charging infrastructure. There is confusion due to lack of clear Electric Vehicle policy from Central Government. Despite of that major automakers are announcing their plans for manufacturing EVs in India. Recently Mahindra has announced plan for electric version of KUV 100.

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Mahindra and Tata, have already launched electric versions of their existing cars. Other manufacturers like Hyundai, Maruti Suzuki & Nissan have announced their plans to launch electric vehicles by around 2020. Companies like Nissan will try to replicate its success in Europe & US by launching their popular models like ‘Leaf’ in India. Whereas companies like Tata Motors are putting focus on EVs by creating separate divisions.

Mahindra’ Electric Plans

Mahindra is leading the Indian electric vehicle market. It has plans to double its manufacturing capability from 500 to 1,000 units monthly. By 2020, Mahindra is planning to manufacture 5000 EVs per month. This should be possible considering the growing EV eco system. Mahindra ventured into Indian EV market by acquiring Bangalore based Reva which sold above 4000 electrical cars in India. Company has recently invested Rs 500 crore in its own electric company.  

Mahindra e-Verito which is Mahindra’s own sedan may also see a major face lift in coming 1 or 2 years. According to Rajan Wadhera, President Automotive, M&M has said that “we will come up with a new e-verito soon, the car will see a major upgrade and we are working towards it.”  There is a news in market that Mahindra is also working on an all new electric car that will be introduced in 2020.

Except e-Verito and even it’s gasoline version ‘Verito’, Mahindra doesn’t have any sedan in it’s existing lineup. Mahindra is predominantly an SUV manufacturer and has clarified multiple times that it will have focus on SUV market. Considering this, we can expect an electric version of any of its existing SUVs like Scorpio, TUV 300 or XUV 500.

KUV 100 Electric

Mahindra has announced electric version of KUV 100 which is a compact SUV. eKUV 100 will be first electric SUV in Indian market. KUV 100 electric was initially showcased in the Car Expo 2018 and it will be launched in mid 2019. It will be launched in India first and then in other markets. In 2017, Pawan Goenka confirmed electric version of KUV 100. Electric KUV featured in Auto Expo had same mechanics as that of e Verito. It had 40 bhp electric motor and range of about 140 kilometers. It also had fast charging option which will enable 80% battery charge in 90 mins.

Mahesh Babu, CEO, Mahindra Electric revealed that the e-KUV100 would come with a range of around 350 kilometers, will have top speed of around 185 kmph. He also revealed that this compact SUV will achieve 0-100 kmph in just 9 seconds which is pretty impressive.

eKUV 100 will be produced in Mahindra’s Chakan plant near Pune. Mahindra has also announced an additional investment of Rs. 500 Crore in it’s Chakan plant to build EVs. Current Mahindra plant which builds electric cars will also see expansion so that it can cope up with growing EV demand.

Lets hope that e KUV 100 will provide a boost to India’s slowly growing EV market.

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