Tesla Gigafactory Battery Power Production at 20 GWh – More Than All Automakers Combined

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Tesla Gigafactory is currently the biggest yearly maker of battery power in the car world, with a run rate of roughly 20 gigawatt-hours. This is not a speculative news anymore, its official now. Tesla has confirmed this in its letter to shareholders,

“At the end of July, Gigafactory 1 battery production reached an annualized run rate of roughly 20 GWh, making it the highest-volume battery plant in the world by a significant margin. Consequently, Tesla currently produces more batteries in terms of kWh than all other car makers combined.”

The amazing figure implies that the company currently manufactures a greater number of batteries in respect to kilowatt-hours than all other auto manufacturers consolidated. It’s a major breakthrough, and one that shows the accomplishment of CEO Elon Musk’s task to build a giant factory in the Nevada desert.

Tesla Gigafactory, first declared in September 2014, is basic to Tesla’s central goal to convey electric autos to the world. The industrial facility is just 30 percent finished. However as of now covers 4.9 million square feet of operational space and has set an amazing production rate. Tesla’s record depends on limit as opposed to the genuine number of batteries, which do rank remarkably higher than numerous other auto manufacturers. The Tesla Model S, for instance, is accessible with a 100 kWh battery pack, while the Nissan Leaf accompanies a 40 kWh battery.

Tesla Gigafactory, once completed, is believed to be the biggest working on the planet, completely controlled by sustainable power sources and achieving a battery generation rate of 35 gigawatt-hours every year, where one gigawatt-hour is sufficient energy to supply one billion watts for one hour.  This initiative is expected to have various positive impacts on the environment. Not only that, it is also expected to create huge numbers of employment opportunities. It is also going to contribute immensely towards the high demand for safe and eco-friendly energy generation.

Tesla claims that it is nearly as much as world’s total current battery generation consolidated, however CATL is also building a larger plant in China with a 50 gigawatt-hour limit. Benchmark Mineral Intelligence is also building 15 EV battery plants of comparative size, with total production of 230 gigawatt-hours that’s enough to make 3.5 million electric cars. Sources said, Tesla Gigafactory is going to get stiff competition from these emerging energy giants. But industry specialists are looking at this development as good sign for energy production scenario. It is because the demand for sustainable energy sources is increasing day by day.

The Gigafactory is planning to expand its capacity by the end of this year. After expansion, it would be inconceivable leader in the areas of safe energy production. Last month, Hirokazu Umeda, chief financial officer of Tesla’s battery partner Panasonic, has been quoted of saying that “we are ramping up a new (battery production) line now and expect the business to contribute not just to our revenue but also to our profit from the second half (starting October).” The year 2019 is going to be a great year for the company, when they expand their manufacturing units in other places, already planned.

Everyone’s eyes are on Tesla’s next financial report, set for three months time, when the company should give the investors a clear picture of how work at the Tesla Gigafactory is progressing.

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